About KokeshiJapan NFT【Written in English 】

Nice to meet you all overseas. My name is Akira Imoto!

In this article, I write about my passion for Kokeshi Japan and NFT. I’m not good at English, but I wrote it so hard that I hope you’ll see it till the end!


Thoughts in the work

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in Japan and my work, Kokeshi Japan. Now, let me introduce my work, which is full of charm!

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be dying for Kokeshi Japan’s work …!!

You can see the works of Kokeshi Japan from this page.

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I want people all over the world to be happier

Japan, where I live, is a very happy country.I don’t have a problem with food and there is no war.

However, some people in the world are suffering from hunger and have lost their loved ones in the war.

Therefore, I hope that the world will be full of happy people. Because it’s more fun to be happy together than one person, right?

If you see the smiles of other people, you can smile by seeing them. Kokeshi Japan’s work is based on the motif of “Kokeshi”, a traditional Japanese craft.

This is a Japanese kokeshi doll.

Kokeshi dolls have long been said to have the effects of amulets, good luck, and happiness.

In other words, it’s very auspicious. I used this kokeshi doll as a motif because I wanted to make people who got my work and people all over the world happy.

It’s not fun just to get lucky, so in addition to the kokeshi doll effect of “being happy”, I added one amulet effect to each kokeshi doll.


There are 6 types of good luck status.

・ Money luck
・ Love luck
・ Work luck
・ Healthy luck
・ Game luck
・ Relationship luck

If you get the type of kokeshi doll you want to get, you may be able to get the effect⁉

I want to make the Japanese NFT world more exciting

I want to make the Japanese NFT world more exciting

I am very excited about the arrival of a new wave called NFT.

When I think that the world will be connected across national borders through NFT, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep at night.

I imagine it would be a lot of fun. In fact, my Twitter followers were all Japanese until a few weeks ago.

However, recently, it has become possible for overseas people to follow me through NFT.

NFT is a wonderful thing that broadens my values ​​and horizons. However, NFT is not very popular in Japan yet.


Nowadays, NFTs are getting so much attention and excitement in the world!

I want to make the Japanese NFT world even more exciting.

The reason why I make works with Kokeshi as a motif is that I want to deliver Japanese NFT works to the world and see them.

Kokeshi dolls are very cute, cool, and auspicious traditional crafts that Japan is proud of.

I would be more than happy if people all over the world could convey this charm to the world and say, “Japanese NFTs are also attractive!”


Let’s enjoy the world of NFT together!

Thank you for reading to the end even though it is poor English. Did you convey your passion for your work and NFT?

I would like to continue to liven up the NFT industry in Japan and around the world and have fun together.

I like my work! If you think that, I would be grateful if you could purchase the work from this OpenSea.

Go to Kokeshi Japan’s opensea page


Let’s all enjoy the coming big wave, NFT together! !! See you again!